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That’s No Moon!

In this house, we are huge Star Wars fans. My husband has pushed his love of all things Star Wars onto us all. My oldest is just as obsessed as my husband now. Can you believe my husband wanted to name our youngest Luke? (I was like yeah no, how about Lucas and you can still call him Luke 😉 )

So when I received this AMAZING round panel from RP Custom Fabrics my oldest claimed it for himself. He requested a pillow, boring! I was trying to be creative in my sewing and come up with something epic for this already epic panel! So I decided to make a “Pillow Sack” as I call it. I could not find any pattern that would work for my vision so I came up with my own!



Super Cool right? I took pictures the whole time and decided to make a tutorial for you all so you could recreate it if you’d like. This is my first ever written out, picture tutorial so bare with me and do not be afraid to ask any questions!

First off I had to do a little math. I needed to decide how tall I wanted my pillow and how long I needed to cut the strips to go around the circumference. I went with 8″ for my pillow height. Then my panel was 33.5″ wide so with my math I needed to cut my strip at 106″ (circumference=2 pie r) Since my fabric wasn’t that wide I divided by 2 and added 1″ for seam allowance so I ended up with 2 54″ stripes needed.

Cutting the fabric:

(keep in mind the measurements I have listed are for my 33.5″ circle. If you make yours a different size you will need to math your own measurements 😉 )

  • 1  Round top panel
  • 1 round bottom panel of coordinating fabric
  • 2 8×54″ strips for side panels of coordinating fabric
  • 1 18″ zipper
  • (optional: hem tape, basting spray, second round panel for the top, I chose woven, because my top was knit and I wanted more stability)


Prep: If you are doing double layer like I did for the top I basted my fabrics together with basting spray.

Step 1: I sewed my 2 strips together on short ends to make a tube. Then pin or clip your tube right sides together to your top panel matching raw edges all the way around. Serge or sew all the way around attaching your side pieces to your top panel.

Step 2: I took my bottom panel and matched raw edges, right sides together to my side panels, and clipped all the way around. DO NOT SEW YET!


Step 3: Decide where you want to put your zipper. I decided to start just to the side of my middle seam of my side panels. Pin, clip, or in my case, hem tape your zipper to the side panel making sure the zipper pull is facing the right side of your project. Then do the same attaching the other side of the zipper to your bottom round panel making sure to line them up.

Step 4: Using your sewing machine with the zipper foot attachment, sew your zipper to the bottom circle and side panels. I started about 1″ past the zipper and went 1″ past the end. Repeat with the second side.


Step 5: Unzip your zipper. Pin or clip both ends of your zipper to close up the raw edges. Serge or sew from 1 end of the zipper around the circle to the other end. This should close up your circle to make your pillow complete. I ended up serging then going over my zipper ends with my machine to get a cleaner finish.

Step 6: Flip your pillow right side out and enjoy your beautiful creation ❤


OPTIONAL Step 6: Top stitch along the edges of your zipper. It didn’t really make any difference when I did this though



Here are some pictures of my oldest thoroughly enjoying his new Pillow Sack ❤


If you love this Death Star Panel as much as I do make sure to get your orders in for this fabric March 8-15th! Direct link to Purchase ❤

Thanks for checking out my blog and I would love to see everyone else’s projects if you decide to try this out ❤

*Disclosure: This post may contain Affiliate links where I will earn a small percentage if you make a purchase from said link.

8 thoughts on “That’s No Moon!”

  1. You did a wonderful job for your first tutorial. I’m sure glad i get to see most of your stuff in person!! You’ve got quite the gift there, girl! Dad and i are so proud of you!

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