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One Word: EPIC!

There really is no other way to label this amazing round that just opened at RP Custom Fabrics. If you love Star Wars, this round is for you. I was given the pleasure of sewing up 3 different prints available this round and all 3 turned out amazing!

First up I made my oldest this amazing Death Star pillow sack. The absolute stunning image quality and clarity was beyond my expectations. My husband is quite jealous that our son got this one. But I know I will be buying a round to make my husband something awesome as well.

Direct Link to Star of Death Rounds >>>> HERE

Link to my tutorial for the giant Pillow Sack >>>> HERE

The next print I got needed to be something for me. The details in this Toile Wars print, with the different movies all included, ships, galaxies and foliage, it just had to be something beautiful. I was given a FH of each print and wanted to use them together and as much as possible. Going through my patterns I came across the Riki Dress from George & Ginger and realized it was perfect for the print. I had to adjust the pattern slightly to fit my fabric but I think it still turned out absolutely stunning! I’ll let you decide for yourself though.

Direct Link to Toile Fabric >>>> HERE

Sadly the Riki Dress pattern is no longer available as it is a retired pattern.

And Finally, the print that I spent the most time trying to decide what to make was the BB8 Round. I was given a 58″ round to show off the print as best as I could. I knew I needed to make something amazing to really do it just. I decided it needed to be a circle skirt dress. My favorite go to for a beautiful circle dress is the Sweetheart Dress from Patterns for Pirates. I color blocked the front, to make it fit the fabric, and just did straps ( I think there is a hack on the blog for it) I was able to get the whole bodice -minus lining- from the edges of the Droid Ball panel. I couldn’t be happier with how this dress turned out! I even had to get a couple twirl photos, because even a lady almost 30 still likes to twirl like a little girl every once in awhile!


Direct Link to Droid Ball >>>> HERE

These are just 3 of the awesome Star Wars inspired prints available right now at RP Custom Fabrics. Preorder is open until March 15th! Don’t miss out!

Thanks For Stopping By! I’ll be back Very Soon ❤

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1 thought on “One Word: EPIC!”

  1. The Toile dress is fabulous AND fun! Looks like good spring or summer fare. Never knew BB8 could be any cuter, but there you are, making it cuter! And who ever said you gotta be a little girl to twirl? Even the oldest of us can have that little kid inside us just itchin’ to jump out and run around… and yes, twirl! And you twirl that dress perfectly!


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