Pattern Tests

Show a Lil’ Shoulder

I recently signed up to test not 1, but 2 patterns for the lovely Shannon Donoghue of CKC Patterns. Shannon has been designing patterns for CKC for 11 years. She started with children’s clothing but has recently shifted to women’s. I have had the privilege of testing many of her patterns. These 2 patterns were so much fun to make and I love the fit and ease of sewing them all ❤

The first I tested was the Monica Cold Shoulder. I was given the opportunity to make up the rough draft version for the pattern call. I chose a drapey rayon knit with a vertical stripe. The first version was almost perfect, I think there was only a tiny adjustment, so I was able to still use it for my final photos.

Seriously, how cute is that? With the beautiful soft drapey fabric it will be an amazing spring/summer top! My next version I decided to make the dress length with 3/4 sleeve. I ended up choosing another rayon blend knit because I just loved the fit and feel of my first version! I received this knit in an auction box from Knitpop.

The next pattern was another off the shoulder pattern. Andrea’s off the shoulder top and dress is another super fun and easy pattern. On my tester one I used a nice soft knit for the body and a distressed denim knit for the sleeves. I added cuffs to the sleeves because I forgot to add length for my long arms *OOPS* But I think it actually made it super cute.

My final version I went for something more out of my normal every day wear. I was assigned the long sleeve with the ruffles. I’m not a super flashy day to day person so I decided to make it more of a going out kind of shirt. I spent way too much time searching for the perfect fabrics. I found this black Rayon Blend from Joann Fabrics and went with it. My favorite part about sewing with some knits is not having to hem them. So for this one, I left all my ruffles and the bottom edge of my shirt raw and just finished my side seams. The result is an amazing and fun top. I paired it was black stretch leather leggings and some bright heels for  a fun night out look!


Thanks for stopping by!!


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