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Made by Runi BB8 Dress

When I first started sewing with PDF patterns I was really nervous. I wasn’t exactly sure how it all went together and even downloading was a problem in the beginning. I am FAR from tech savy, but PDF patterns, editing pictures, and now blogging has really helped me expand and get better. Once I got super comfortable with US and English patterns I decided to try my hand at international patterns.

The first one I ever did, I grabbed some wine, my computer and my pattern pieces and sat down for 3 hours translating the whole thing. It felt like it took forever and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even try it at that point. But I had put in this much work so it was time to do it. I made the Jessi from CoEmi. I loved it! And so started the downhill spiral into literally any and all patterns I could find. I didn’t care what language they were in, I was determined to make all the things!

My most recent purchase/sew was the new Go Vest by Made by Runi patterns. A fellow seamstress, and fabric host, I know quite well had been a pattern tester for her and I just fell in love with her dress. So when I got this BB8 fabric from Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics I decided it was made for this pattern. I even showed it to my daughter first and got her seal of approval HAHA


The biggest things I have learned with international patterns is finding out if it includes seam allowances. Most do not, as they let you choose your own since not everyone likes the same seam allowance. I almost forgot with this one and cut out the paper pieces without seam allowances so I went through and wrote “ADD SEAM ALLOWANCE” all over my pattern pieces.

I find sizing to actually be pretty easy. Basically all the international patterns go by height. So I converted my daughters height in inches to centimeters and got her international size of 128. She measured at 125cm but since she fell in between 2 sizes I sized up so her dress wasn’t too short. Here is a little cheat sheet to help you out though if you don’t want to do the math 😉 haha I don’t blame ya if you don’t want to!


After cutting out all my fabric pieces I basically just looked at the pictures to determine how to make the dress. If you are new to sewing and following patterns this may not be the best way to do it. Even myself, who I consider to be advanced in most sewing techniques these days, have made mistakes because I chose not to read the pattern LOL But in the end this was pretty straight forward on construction and I absolutely love how it turned out.



Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics quality always makes sewing a breeze. I used her double brushed poly for this dress. Not only is the quality amazing, my daughter loves only soft fabrics these days, but the picture and color saturation is just beautiful. These colors look absolutely stunning on my girl. This fabric was seriously the perfect choice for this pattern and vice versa! I will definitely use both of these more and more ❤



Direct Link to BB8 Fabric >>> HERE

Direct link to Glitter Stripe Coordinate >>>> HERE

Thank you for stopping by ❤


*affiliate links may be used in this post where I earn a small percentage from purchases made from said link*

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