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Summer Scales

*Affiliate links may be used in this blog where I earn a small percentage for sales made off said link*

Smoogie Fabric and Designs were the first scales fabrics I had ever sewn. And here I am a year later still using them and being blown away by the colors and quality. I have gotten to sew up many different bases and they are all amazing. This round I got the Shimmer Scales in Cotton Lycra and Red Glitz in Swim.

Both of these I knew who they would be for when I originally had signed up, Sis would get shimmer and I would get Red Glitz. Once the fabric arrived I was again blown away by the color and quality. Sis was about to receive the most beautiful blue glitter scales dress and I was about to get a new bathing suit.

I ended up purchasing a new pattern just for Sis dress. My lovely friend Jennie had recently shown me a new pattern she purchased and the most adorable clothes she made with it. When these scales arrived I immediately pictured them as that dress. So off I went to Peek A Boo patterns to buy the Mariposa dress and top. I had to alter the skirt slightly to get it to all fit in the yard but in the end it ended up absolutely perfect ❤


Direct Link to Shimmer Scales >>> HERE

Now when it came time to sew my Red Glitz Swim scales I got nervous. I picked my pattern, Take The Plunge by Patterns for Pirates, and put together the million pieces. Once I finally decided on which variation I was going to do I set out cutting. SO.MANY.PIECES!!! lol but I was excited. I took my time making it, as it was my first time making the pattern. Once I finally got it all together I tried it on… And started crying! It was too small!! Now I have put on a few pounds since fall when my youngest stopped nursing. Already having to size up from my size last summer was hard enough but now it doesn’t even fit!!! AHHHH!!!

Well I took it off and thought about it, while crying my eyes out and eating chocolate from my secret sewing room stash LOL Then, I remembered something! These patterns are drafted for 5’5″ people, I am 5’7″! So thinking about it I realized that I had forgotten to add length to the “bottoms” of the suit. I wasn’t exactly sure this would fix my problem but I was determined to make this suit work! So I sat down with my seam ripper, turned on Vikings, and set out to disassemble my swimsuit.

It was HARD seam ripping through 3 layers of swim and lining where the front crossover was. But, like I said, I was determined to make this suit work! So after 20 min of taking apart my swim suit I finally got the original band off. Took a deep breath, cut a new band but added 1.5″ from the original band length, and set back to putting the thing back together. AND IT FIT!!! I was so relieved, but honestly still not loving the suit. I think all the frustrations that got me to it fitting had just crushed my spirits! So I set it down and walked away for the night.

When I came back to it the next day, ready to take pictures cuz the sun was shining, I liked it SOOO much better. I decided to photograph it first, out of 7 pieces that needed photographed that day. I’m glad I came back to it and finished it because I really do love it now. And I can’t wait to make more ❤


Direct Link To Ruby Glitz Scales >>> HERE

Direct Link to Smoogie Fabrics >>> HERE

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you love these scales as much as we do! So many options available through the 30th of April ❤


*affiliate links may be used in this post where I earn a small percentage from purchases made on said links*

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